Our Deputy Deputy Registrar

We love that one of your favorite things is coming along on dad’s voter registration events. This sunny Saturday—perfect Austin—we signed up about a dozen new voters in four hours, and you were the hit of a mobile Vegan Food Fest we were working.


Ladies at Lady Bird

A beautiful January day in Austin was occasion for you and mom to head out and scan the skyline on bikes.

You Made A Robot

Ah, another Saturday afternoon at The Thinkery. In the old days it was you just splashing around. These days, you’re game for making things. This visit we made a little robot with marker legs that would draw “by itself.”

Gigi, Auntie B, and You

A nice spate of spring weather welcomed Auntie B and Gigi into town for a long weekend visit, also marking the return home of Hazel after a nice visit up in Richardson. You guys crammed a lot into a few days. Oh, and the video? This was you taking a page from YouTube influencers (“hey fans!”), assuming that you had a YouTube page and… well, FANS. Beyond us, of course.

Boston Meets Austin

Our great friends Tim, Suzanne, Kevin and John brought your buddy Holden down from Boston for a quick weekend jaunt through Austin’s greatest hits. We stayed overnight at the San Jose, saw the city’s more intriguing corners, hit the Wildflower Center’s excellent Fortlandia, and hiked our friends around your hometown.

Ms. Lake’s classroom

Gotcha, teach.

A+ Parenting

Got a few sideways glances for snapping this beauty at Twin Liquors. Hey… you asked.


Ladies at Lady Bird


2019 into 2020

After a balmy Christmas in Austin, we got a cold blast of winter in Santa Fe visiting Nana over the holidays. Bowling, the wacky and wooly Meow Wolf, the best snowman we could manage, and lots more. It frankly wasn’t always an easy trip, with a few meltdowns in the mix, but we saw a ton and got to take a breath together.

Ski Santa Fe!

It’s been years since you had seen snow; the only amount you remotely remembered was from a visit to Santa Fe a few years ago. We made up for that on this remarkable day where you learned to SKI during a veritable dumping of the stuff all day long at Ski Santa Fe. A nice little mountain to learn on, you did pretty well for a kid from Texas. And your parents did pretty decent, too… each of us about 10 years since our last trip up and down a snowhill.