Celebrating your first full week with a visit to NYC’s West Village (The Spotted Pig restaurant!) and a walk along the High Line. It was a little schvitzy warm, but you didn’t seem to mind in your fancy new dress from Nana.

Celebrating her first full week… with a Garden Vesper or the Fancy Free? hmm…

You on day six. We are so happy you’re here.

I love my puppy. She’s trying but this whole Lake person is too new.

You. Cute little yogi.

Out checking on Gotham. Sort of. zzzzzzzz (at Flatiron Building)

Some yoga on day five. Yin yang arms.

Hiccups are sadly one of life’s little bummers. Thankfully your aunt, uncle and cousins helped your wardrobe overcome the setback.

You’re already out on Sixth Ave. grabbing a latte. You grew up so fast. Yesterday TALL, today VENTI.

Another one for Gigi and grandpa Runyon…