Starting to get a LITTLE bit of hand eye coordination (judged generously).

Thanks to dad’s volleyball team (Over One Billion Served) we are working on your kill shot. Side out!

Another photo shoot…

Happy two months! You applied for your passport today.

Thank you Gigi and Grand Pa for adopting an Asian elephant at the Ft Worth Zoo on my behalf.

Thanks for coming along on our first anniversary celebration at Tipsy Parson, where we had a great wedding fest 7/14/2012. You were on your best behavior, which was a fantastic anniversary gift from you.

Your dad is home. My family.

Your dad sent me these flowers for our one year anniversary today, 7.14.13. They are the same flowers used in my wedding bouquet which he surprised me with last year. You get to look forward to getting flowers from him one day too.

You and your auntie carol. She came to visit you from Austin, TX.

Getting ready to go to your first T3 party, Ranch Day. (Styled by Ward/Munro)