New car!

Yep, we can sing 🙂 happy first song and cake!

Happy 1st, Lake!

For your first bday, Lake went to a lake… way up on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. For the safety record: you were strapped in nicely in this battleship of a canoe, with dad 100% ready for heroics.

She walks and steps over and out.

Lake loves her dad.


Holy wowsky!

Your Nana came to visit us during a nicely warm stretch of May in Chicago. You guys had lots of fun hanging out, touring Wicker Park, and generally having lots of smiles. Your middle namesake Margaret would have been so proud to see her girls having a blast together. 

It’s all springy. Three seconds after this snap, you tried to eat this flower. And when that didn’t work, you tried to feed it to your buddy Hazel.