Ice cream! In a cool bib Nana brought you from Costa Rica.

Your move to austin.

Last day at your Chicago school where they took very good care of you and you had a blast. We’ll miss your teachers and friends.

They brought you cupcakes as a little good-bye party.

mom and dad’s first trip TOGETHER since you were born. we are taking another one in January.

Here you are at a Chicago hipster landmark: the site where John Cusack (Chicago native!) filmed High Fidelity at Milwaukee and Honore. Championship Vinyl!

One of your amazing first teachers, Miss Tanya. She was such a great friend to you and we will never ever forget her, even as we say Goodbye to Chicago.

Patient Hazel. Our first. We are so thankful these two love each other so much.
And as many dogs show us, they really are the best creatures on the planet. (#2-elephants). Our regal puppy, hazel. And our maniac, loveski, lake. We love you both with all our heart.

Busy at the office.