I bought this dress for you in Brooklyn when you were 5 months old. I can’t believe you are now big enough to wear it. Time flies.

Everybody, including Gus, is in on the latest phase of your sleep training. We hop in bed with you until we escape, or until the morning when we discover we’ve stayed ALL NIGHT. 

Another of your series of “Day In The Life of Mom, Dad, and Hazel” snaps. 

Amazing birthday gift from your Aunt Nancy: a tutu handmade from your great-grandmother (and middle namesake) Margaret Schuster’s lace collection. Here’s the opening. Happy three. 

Happy Birthday!

Hang in there until the end, when Willowby Wallaby Wakeabee tries to take over the whole exercise. More from Growing Tree’s greatest hits collection. 

Here’s your good buddy Desta. Former Growing Tree classmate, now you guys hang out at places like Cherrywood Coffee Shop. 

An impromptu visit from your old friends Anne and Mary!

Here’s all your friends from Growing Tree at circle time. 

We asked Lacy, your teacher, to share some of the songs you sing in class. This was among them.