Lost Pines Weekend

Slightly eastward we went over Memorial Day, to Hazel’s hometown of Bastrop, Texas. You had a blast at Lost Pines Resort, catching a falconry show, playing in a bouncy house, and hanging out in the lazy river (boo hiss to mom and dad for failing to get a good pic of that).


Face Game



Updates From Green Sprout


Birthday Gifts From The Adams


Great gifts for your fourth.

We Made Slime

All The Feels

A very expressive dance party.

Nana’s Birthday Duds

You loved Nana’s fourth birthday gifts! This dress made it into immediate rotation.

Kinderblossom Grads

Next year this will be you. For today, your friends lined up and graduated from preschool, headed to elementary schools around Austin in the fall.

Yo, Yogi


Yoga at Green Sprout with Ms. Isis, mom, and a dad with VERY bad toes.

Happy Piano

Gigi and Poppa brought a piano for your birthday. Here’s the moment you first saw it.