Birthdays Are For Buddies

Lots of friends came by for your fourth. Idgie, Mia Lucette, Sabine, Luke, Jade, Zia, Sam, Reid, and all their parents. It was a bit of a Growing Tree reunion for your bday.

San Dancetonio


UPDATE: Mom says that Patsy Cline was the soundtrack to this impromptu dancearama.

Gymnast Graduates

You wrapped up a Spring’s worth of gymnastics with your buddy Sabine at Crenshaw’s. Besides having a blast on all the equipment and hanging out with Sabine every Saturday, you won a trophy!

What Did You Do Today?


While we love sharing this blog with your friends and family, we’re also making it for you to look back on one day. To see where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Here’s a few of Ms. Liz’s lesson plans for 2017… you usually came home every day excited to talk about what you did that day.

Mom’s Day + Blue Hole

Mom wanted to spend her 2017 Mom’s day exploring the famous “Blue Hole” spring in Wimberly, Texas. It was an early season swim with snacks and sunscreen for you.

Playdate With Colette, Cora, and Ms. Liz


Your Green Sprout primary teacher Liz Gelinas was so grateful how you and your buddy Colette care for her daughter Cora that she took you for ice cream, dinner, and hanging out at her house after school. Amazing treat, and you guys had tons of fun. We were thrilled you earned the invitation… simply by being you.

More “LAKE” Progress

Letter by letter, you’re getting better.

Green Sprouts, Green Week

You’re not in all these, but we figure you’ll one day love to see all your preschool buddies in action. This week you were focused on the earth, with crickets you guys are raising, having fun with earthworms, and exploring how composting works. Lifts from Ms. Liz’s Instagram feed…

Baby Cora, Colette, and You

You and your Green Sprout buddy Colette love spending time with Liz’s baby Cora. She’s number one on your baby fave list, which also includes the entirety of the baby room at GS. You ask to visit with them every morning… and other times of the day, too.


Missed This Do-seum Set…

Their backyard has a Tea Garden house. Mom caught a few snaps.