Chica + Chilito


You’ve lived in Texas longer than anywhere now, and the results are beginning to show. You informed us you no longer like pizza and now are always up for a taco. Like last night at El Chilito on Manor Road, just after swimming lessons.

Post Office

Practicing writing letters. Love the stamp.

School Pics

Girl Just Wants To Have Fun

Eyes. Ears. Mouth. Nose.


Thinkery Project

We made a boat.

Dad’s Boots, Then/Again


2014 Lake and 2017 Lake

Farewell Shipe Pool

For two summers you’ve been swimming at Shipe Pool. They’re closed this year to tear down the old pool and build a new one. You went to the farewell party the neighborhood threw for it, and left some love notes behind. (Bonus pic: you at Shipe two summers back).



Saturday dance class

Oceans Song