Colette, Cora, Lake… and moms


Your mom paired up with your Green Sprout buddy Colette’s mom and your teacher Liz for a girls’ night out at Josephine House in Austin. Fancy, lucky ladies. A few weeks later, sadly, Colette and her family moved to California (sniffle).

A Random Weekday Dance Party


It gets like this a lot around here.

“One Today”

Your great aunt Nancy and great uncle Dick gave you Richard Blanco’s book—the poem he read at Barack Obama’s inauguration. It’s one of your favorites; so much that you’ve now started reading it to us.

Gospel Brunch at Stubb’s

Can’t say you were into EVERY moment of this Austin Sunday institution, but you did get up on stage with the gospel group and listened and clapped along for a bit. Later, you got a chance to headline up on the historic Stubb’s stage (crowd reaction was mixed).

Learning Rock, Paper, Scissors


NYC’s dell’anima

We did a quick lunch at this place, which means a lot to your mom and I. It was great to introduce it to you, finally. Mom and I had our first NYC date here, got engaged here… too many memories to count. Add this one.

Catskills 2017

It was a busy couple weeks in our third visit to the Catskills in your four years. From days at camp to discoveries far and wide, you may not exactly remember this trip. But it was pretty unforgettable. We love that so many family and friends came to visit with you in Woodstock, New York.

More Camp

You’re a lot to keep up with, you and your Woodstock Day School camp buddies.

You Want To Bang On The Drum All Day

Keep an eye out for yourself in the closing performance for your two weeks at Woodstock Day School.

Hip Hop, With Radio

With Gigi and Poppa in Woodstock.