The Classics

You hung in there for mom and dad’s fave Christmas toonz: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Rudolph. We watched them in real time, commercials and all. By the time you’re reading this, the concept will be as foreign as moondust. But both these nights we loved sharing our own childhood memories with you.

Peppa Pig, LIVE at ACL

It was, admittedly, a little weird for mom and I to be at the Austin City Limits studio watching you revel in a live stageplay of Peppa Pig (and family). But you seemed to love it, and we’ll take that.

The park

The beast.

My lady and my worthog.

Loveskis forever.

She shared and then…lost her red ball

Here is her story

Comin Atcha

First Grinch


You and mom sat down for your first watch of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Your baby zonked out before it was over.

How You Watch TV

You love a good bday party

This was Ingrid’s. Photo cred. Allie.

Peace Sprout


Fundamental to the Green Sprout experience and community is the idea of peace, which they stress over and over with all of you. Peace from all your school buddies.