A Very Kenny Loggins Christmas

Mom and Dad were the organizers of this year’s fundraising for Green Sprouts Guides holiday gift fund, and these emails helped raise over $4200 for the guides, a record. Years later we’ll probably forget why Kenny Loggins was at the center, so here’s the story to jog memories: your GS buddy Enzo’s dad apparently LOVES the terrible song “Danger Zone” from Top Gun. Enzo began demanding it at Friday Dance Parties at GS, so now ALL the kids (including you) are obsessed with it—of course driving our parents crazy having to listen to this ’80s dreck over. And over. And over. And over.

So we had some fun with Kenny Loggins, and it worked. Parents loved it and chipped in a ton to say thanks (with cash) for putting up with Kenny Loggins, and for raising our great kids. These were the emails that got it done.

HINT: click on the emails, then see the “SEE ORIGINAL SIZE” button at the bottom, then enlarge your browser window. Or call dad, which is what most people do. 🙂

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