Sabine + Sunday

We quietly hope you and Sabine will be forever friends, balancing your individual strengths into a collective amazing. But today we’ll just take a random Sunday with a buddy, spending time and laughs, in their way to Monday.



How excellent was it to run into Sabine (and the whole Hewlett fam) at Austin Bouldering Project? You had a BIG SLEEP this night. zzzzzzz


A Very Pickup Christmas

Dad took advantage of a warm Christmas Eve to change out the interior of the truck. You helped out some, decked out in your holiday finest.

How We Spent A Rare Snow Day



We got a rare ice storm that kept us home all day, pretty unexpectedly. We used the day for some projects, some treasure hunts, some playing with Nancy’s amazing(!) taco kit, and making the best of a very VERY cold day in Austin.


How to begin a recount of your early 2018 visit to Santa Fe and Nana? You climbed a 140 foot ladder at Bandelier, fed the livestock in Cerillos, hung with the natives in Madrid, visited the amazingness of Meow Wolf, and survived more than a few meltdowns (thanks Nana for your unfailing patience). This won’t be your last visit to Santa Fe, but it was a great one.

Costa Rican New Year

We celebrated the New Year and Papa’s birthday in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the Grange end of the family.

You Rode A Horse!

The last time you were on a horse it was a tiny pony in Woodstock, New York. This time it was a REAL horse you rode through the mountains down to the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.