Green Sprout Valentines



Daniel Tiger Saturday

Happy Birthday, Sabine

Mia Lucette Turned FIVE!

We love that the buddies you met at two are still some of your favorite friends, including Mia Lucette, who had a pretty spectacular birthday party with “build your own cupcakes.” You nailed it, and even eyed up some other kids’ creations.

Meeting Pac Man


Your first go at a video game, finding your way around the Pac Man maze. Mom will be introducing you to Centipede soon, and Dad will be schooling you at Galaga.




At your request, haircut number two. You were a champ.

Catching Up With Kinderblossom

Some pics from the Kinderblossom Instagram feed…

MVP of Dad’s Pitch


Dad pitched Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows in your old home Chicago. We used your videos to close the show and you were a HUGE hit.

UPDATE: WE WON THE PITCH! It took Dad about 30 years to win his first pitch, but you’ve already checked that off before you hit FIVE.

Back To Ballet


We took a bit of a break from the toes and taps, but you wanted to go back. Today was the first day, but you hadn’t missed a step.