Johnson City’s Science Museum

Your last visit to the old mill made into a kids’ science museum was a bit of a mixed bag. THIS visit you were definitely more ready and loved exploring all the immersive experiments. You also loved the cookie you got.

Just One Of The Guys


No hardhat, but you fit right in as they were digging up the sidewalk. Fun fact: the very next morning, the white building behind these guys was imploded to make way for a new office building.

Gigi + Poppa + SXSW weekend…

Gigi and Poppa came down from Dallas again. You hit the new Austin Public Library (chess! great views! library card!), got to ride a horse at the Mueller Farmer’s Market, and had a blast out at Treaty Oak Distillery with us.

Visiting Poppy & Your Cousins

This trip had it all: snow! playing music with cousins! seeing Poppy! neon golf in the dark! just escaping a nor’easter on the only flight out of a deserted Islip airport at 5am! You were quite the traveler and very patient through five different planes and long days. Poppy was thrilled to see you, as were your patient and loving cousins.


Fantastics Gymnastics

You’ve been getting better and better at gymnastics. We had fun at yet another parents day, watching from the bleachers.



March For Our Lives

March 24, 2018 was a big day across America. Hundreds of thousands marched to protest gun violence, honoring students killed last month in Parkland, Florida. You joined in, knowing that “safety” was a good thing. This was your second march for positive things, and hope there will be many more in your future. We were proud how much you understood and wanted to make your own sign: “I Love The March.”

New Puppet Show

Stuck The Landing

At Central Market.

Old New Fave Puzzle

You’re choosing two rounds of this puzzle over bedtime stories. You’re getting faster and recognizing states by name, and you have your favorites (New York, Texas among them).


Catching Up With Kinderblossoms

It’s been awhile since dad raided the Kinderblossom Instagram, so here’s a load of pics from your classroom over the last several months. Along with a few videos, for good measure.