2018 vs. 2015

Now and then, at Santa Fe’s Museum of International Folk Art. December 2015 and April 2018.


Easter, Santa Fe

Went to Santa Fe to visit with Nana for Easter. You had a blast and Nana had excellent egg hunts and explorations.

Koi In The Hood

Just down the road from us, a great elderly couple Doris and Debbie have given you open invitation to visit their backyard koi pond anytime. You’ve taken them up on it. Fun fact: Doris is actually from dad’s old hometown of Amherst, NY.


A Solid Texas Afternoon

You and mom spent a Sunday at a crawfish boil with friends and colleagues. Your buddy Weston Barry was there, along with a bunch of cornhole players that captured your interest for awhile.

Engine 7’s New Captain


Stoplight Selfie + Fake Frown


Taco Sunday

Nancy’s amazing taco kit was a huge hit this Sunday morning brunch.

Tree Climbing + Tutu

Pink Chucks, Dad’s Ad

Good story: twenty years ago, dad wrote a series of ads for the alternative radio station WFNX in Boston. They were huge hits and a lot of people noticed them—around town they were posted in subways and in the paper. He based some of the stories on real things; some his own, some things friends had told him about. Like this one:



That story about the pink Chuck Taylors? That was real, from dad’s friend Stephanie Shore. So dad was kind of amazed at the coincidence that the very same week that Stephanie and her family is coming to Austin for a visit, you and mom picked out some new shoes:


Sabine Sleepover, Vol. 2

After a successful sleepover at Sabine’s last month, we decided to try again at our place. Only a few ornery moments (arguments over who could play with Sabine’s doll Cindy…), but otherwise lots of fun.