This summer’s project is rebuilding a 1970s-era camper top we bought for $100. The inside needs to be reframed, and you’ve been helping out.



Science and Art at The Thinkery


Saturday rains scotched our plans to hit Krause Springs, so we wound up at old fave The Thinkery. You tinkered with a few projects (stop motion movie!), but had the most fun at “Pop and Fizz,” a chemistry-based seminar where we learned a lot about how to mix things together to form liquids and gasses from solids (and more).



Oh, and that movie? It ain’t Kathryn Bigelow, but here’s your first movie. Don’t blink:

July 4th At The W

Mom’s theme this summer is “staycations.” We pulled one on July 4th overlooking the fireworks on Lady Bird Lake. Your new trumpet didn’t exactly work for the Austin Symphony, but it gave us some laughs.



Helping Hazel

The night before Hazel had surgery to remove a few lumps, you were very concerned for her and spent some time in your playroom. Bunny chipped in, too.

Leela’s Birthday Dinner


Liam + Nana + Austin!

Love Day Parade

One of the reasons we love—and will miss—Green Sprout is the messages of Love and Peace that permeate the entire school. Every year during Pride Month, Miss Toni and the teachers organize you into a Love Parade, celebrating love of all kinds. This year’s theme, which you guys sung as you marched was emblazoned on the signs you carried: No Room For Hate, All Love Is Safe

You And Sabine Danced, Drove a Boat

Summer’s on in Texas. You and Sabine were in.

Thanks For The Dad’s Day Stuff


Our friend Luz gave you this Spanish language bingo game LOTERIA! Hazel’s doing pretty well, here.