Postcard From Kindergarten

Your new kindergarten teacher Mrs. Gonzales surprised us with a postcard sent to our house. You immediately set to work on a card back to her. Note the “new nose,” which you—by your report—learned at your new school. Also, dad was proud to learn from you that you put a shadow under the person, on the ground.



Sassy Selfies

Sunday with Mallory

We set up a playdate on a HOT summer Sunday with your good friend from Green Sprout, Mallory Tanzillo. She’s about a year behind you, but was one of your besties. Here’s hoping you can keep in touch with all your great friends from the past, just like you’ve carried on friendships with your Growing Tree buddies. Cheers to mom for taking you guys to the park and the Thinkery and ice cream.

Last Days at Green Sprout

While we loved your Austin landing at your first preschool Growing Tree, the progress you made at Green Sprout was beyond compare. Here are some pics from the last days before your very last day, August 20, 2018. You made cards for all your friends and teachers and handed them out (with cupcakes) on your last day. We’ll always love your days here, and how lucky we were to find it via Ms. Crystal and her amazing cousin Toni and friend Liz.





Ms. Sofia, To Future Lake

We asked each of your beloved teachers at Green Sprout preschool to make a video addressed to “future Lake,” with hopes you’ll watch it later in your life and hopefully remember what a remarkable impact they had on your life. This was the first one we got, from your Kinderblossom teacher Sofia Gambia.

Looking back at the other posts about Green Sprout, so many of the 2017 and 2018 posts were of the amazing growth you made in Sofia’s classroom.

Reading Winnie The Pooh

STEM Saturday

Fun morning to cap off week one of kindergarten: we went to a local center that specializes in STEM education for girls. With help from their students, you built a rocket, made a light up bracelet with a battery, and did some other experiments.

First Day Of Kindergarten

You handled it like a confident champ, strutting in like you’d been there for months already. Mrs. Gonzales had the room set up perfectly, and when the time came they told you to “push mom and dad out” of the room, turning what could have been a moment of tears into something fun. On day #2, you were so confident you walked from the car dropoff into school on your own. A+ for the great start.


Pregame for Kindergarten

On Friday, we went into Lee to introduce you to your new teacher (Mrs. Gonzales) and get everything set for Monday morning’s first day!



Voicemail For Dad

Dad was away on a short biz trip. It was nice to find this on the phone one night. So sweet.