Kinderg”ART”en: September 2018

Lake The Vote!

2018 is a very unsettling year in our country. It’s been fun—and even a bit therapeutic—to have you out there helping us register people to vote here in Texas, and learning about what that means.

A friend who saw what you’ve been doing even said this, which we’d wholeheartedly vote for ANY day:




Sabine Sleepover

Another one! 90% of it went great, with occasional five-year-old drama. But it was all offset by moments like these.

Lady Bird Forts

One of your favorite places is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. This week they opened up a new series of trails with 12 “forts” set up along the path. It’s kind of a kids’ heaven, built for exploring and romping with lots of swings and climbing. Sabine was over for the weekend so you guys gave it a pretty heavy test drive.