Marfa, Texas

Cherrywoodstock 2018

The east side of Austin is where you still feel the vibe of what the place used to be. We had a great afternoon enjoying the tunes (and the shopping) at Cherrywoodstock and the Cherrywood Coffee Shop.


Geography Day 2018: Tibet

You joined in an amazing Lee Elementary tradition where the entire school picks countries and then does exchanges with other grades. Kindergarten got Tibet, and you helped dad make “Khabsey” (a sugary dough) and “Momos” (steamed empanada like dumplings) that the fourth grade exchange enjoyed while you went visiting the FIFTH grade’s buildout on Ireland. Oh, and first grade brought in a mariachi band. Congrats on learning and contributing.



Art of Ice Cream

New thing: pop up experiences custom built for social media pics. Who knew?
You and mom went to one dedicated to… well, you can see.

Lake’s Classroom

No Beto, but…

Election Day 2018 didn’t bring our guy Beto over the finish line, but throughout the election season you asked lots of questions and helped register voters. We’re better off for your work, and we hope it’s the start of a life active in awareness and social responsibility.


Lake Lessons

A lot of our weekends go like this.



Yet Another Sabine Sunday

It’s always fun to get you together with your best friend for a random Sunday.

Our Little Texan

You Can Pecan

Our huge pecan tree dumps its wares every other year. You decided to hand them out to the locals from the back of the truck.