Disney WHOA-ED 2018

So much to write about this trip, which was a surprise to you and a bit of a lark for us. Pitched as an in-and out one night at Disney World for their Holiday Celebration (12/18), we had the great luck to meet up with our great friends John and Kevin (Disney nerds and veteran parkers!) and your friend Holden, son of Tim and Suzanne. In a single night we barnstormed the park, seeing It’s a Small World, the Dumbo ride, and even starring in a a skit with the REAL Belle. Hard to believe about 48 hours of time—and really only about five in the park itself, could have so much packed into it, but you were thrilled and truly worn out. We surprised you with this the day before we left, and while you didn’t really know what Disney World was before you left, you certainly did after. Truly an amazing trip. Our favorite part: when we asked you about your favorite part, you thought a bit, then said: “Spending time with my friends and family.” Sigh.


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