Happy Birthday, Mom

So, there’s this. From your overnight stay with Sabine and the rest of the Hewlett gang. Wow.

Big On Beignets

You’re a huge fan of the sugary amazingness of Epicerie’s beignets. The running joke is that dad always requests that they “go easy on the sugar,” a request that is regularly ignored. The result: a veritable PILE of powdered sugar early on many Saturday mornings.

Nice report card!

Aye, Captain

You were quite the hit on the plane ride back from visiting Gigi and Poppa in your latest addition to the costume closet. You got your first set of wings, and a visit from the Captain of the plane. Pretty sure you wound up in a few Instagram feeds, as well.


December Dance Parties

Visiting Gigi and Poppa… and Hazel in Richardson, just before New Years.


Leaf Blower

One day working a princess dress. The next day rocking power tools. That’s our girl.


Poppy Video Exchange

From Poppy’s 76th birthday…


A Song