Hello Ladies

Rosa Parks

Loved seeing this book you worked on in your Kindergarten class. You were pretty confused why anyone would not like people just because they have different skin: “Calise has brown skin and I don’t, but we are good friends?!?!?” LOVE LOVE LOVE the questions you brought home during February.

Singing Along


Finally we were able to capture in a pic some of the mischief you play. Here, you were whining about how much it HURT to get your toenails clipped, crying very vocally. But when mom focused, you started laughing and gave dad a “shhhhhh!” sign.


You And Harriet

Here’s your good buddy Harriet on one of your many playdates, here outside The Thinkery after a visit to the monthly Alamo karaoke fest!


More And More Monkey

You’ve become quiet the little master of the monkey bars, now skipping a bar or more. You’ve been doing so much of it that you have a good set of callouses on your palms (!). Seriously.


You’ve gotten quite good at some basic reading, which helps make every night a bit more balanced. A little of you, a little of us.


Karate Kid