Wizard Of The Kitchen

From cupcakes to a sheet cake to a bath bomb project, you’re getting pretty crafty around our kitchen. Pay particular attention to the fixings for a dessert involving pretzels, water, and fruit snacks (?).

Picking Up On Picasso


Aftercare At Lee

Amanda Leyendecker is one of your favorites at Lee; she supervises the Kindergarteners who, like you, stay after school at Lee until pickup. She braids your hair (see her work in these pics), makes sure you get to your various activities, get some time outside, and generally loves on you and your buddies. Arrived one day to find your gang getting a random story.


The Girl CAN Read

We love that you often choose random books from the shelves outside your room, and then “read” them to us, making up stories as you go. What’s most wonderful is you have quite a knack for choosing some of dad’s most iconic and favorite books. One night, the classic grammar book “Elements of Style” by Strunk & White. Another, it was Henry Petroski’s vital “The Evolution of Everyday Things,” which warmed the hearts of some of our co-workers at T3 since this is pretty much a cornerstone of work that we do.

Sister Cora

As we’ve noted endlessly here, Cora is the daughter of one of the founders of your preschool Green Sprout. You often refer to her as your “sister” and you both are always thrilled to see eachother, like this afternoon at Austin’s Sour Duck restaurant. You got dolled up in a very nice dress just for the occasion.


A Little Nighttime Music

Serenading Hazel in her new bed.

Stadium Seating


A Capitol Sunday

You’ve been fascinated with the Capitol Building here in Austin, so we went wandering in on a random sunny Sunday. You got a chance to see where laws are made, and learned a bit (more) about Gov. Ann Richards, one of our heroes.