You Wrote To Barack Obama

A friend of ours got you a wonderful collection of postcards. You used one to send a message off to the former President, whom we all miss very much. The video explains it all, including what you wrote and mailed off.



Lee Announcements

During the last week of school, they let the Kindergarteners do the morning announcements. Take it away…


Now We Are Six

Your sixth birthday coincided with the last day of Kindergarten at Lee. The afterschool team of Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Leyendecker organized a “Splash Day” and we came for a lunch visit. We’re so proud you did so well this year, but a bit confounded how you’ve become a big kid on us so quickly.

Oh, and the entire afterschool team sang you happy birthday.

But your water balloon game needs some work.

First Day, Last Day

Wow. Your first year at Lee few by. Here’s you on your first day back in August 2018, and on your last day on May 24, 2019. In between, you learned a ton, made some great new friends, and above all we really saw you begin to become more independent. Right from day two, when you hopped out of the car and said “bye dad”… We’re so proud of you and thrilled to watch you grow into a happy, healthy, charming, fiesty, and funny kid with so much curiosity.


Fierce Princess


Wonder Woman, Again

This was your costume for Superhero Day at Lee.

IMG_4378 CopyIMG_4382

Lake And Mal

Your good friend from Green Sprout Mallory Tanzillo came over for an afternoon. We headed out to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center for the day.

A Boston Wedding, Part II

A couple months after Tim and Suzanne’s wedding, their photographer sent along another batch of photos of that amazing day.

Nancy and You

Your great aunt Nancy came into Boston during our whirlwind visit, bringing along a small hand loom for you. We love this picture, as on the back of that jacket you’re wearing is a needlepoint from HER mom and your middle namesake Margaret Schuster. Nancy’s handicrafts are the stuff of legend, and we hope you’ll be inspired to try them yourself someday.


A Boston Wedding

We flew into Boston for a short visit to surprise our good friends Tim and Suzanne at City Hall, where they were getting married at the City Clerk’s office. You were a great traveler and friend, and your dad loved wandering around his old home in Boston. You even brought along two bags of rose petals we used to congratulate Tim and Suzanne and your good buddy, their son Holden.


Dad particularly loved this part of the day, at Christopher Columbus Park along the waterfront. When he was your age, he used to play in this park when we were visiting Nancy and Dick in Boston. The pics are pretty top notch!