Rescue/Engine 14

One of your favorite visits with ATX Kids Club camp was just down the street at the firehouse for Rescue 14 and Engine 14.

ATX Kids Camp, Weeks 4, 5, and 6

Lots to catch up on as you wander the city (on the bus!). Oh the places you’ve seen: the LBJ Museum, the City Library, the Ransom Center, the Mexic-Arte Museum, the George Washington Carver Museum, African-American Cultural Heritage Museum, Hutson-Tillotson University, the Austin Emergency Center Hospital (!), the Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center, Texas State Cemetery, Texas State Capitol and Visitors’ Center, the Bullock State History Museum… WHEW.

Colorado Bend State Park

It was hot. It was tent camping. It was, at times, a bit of a chore. But we loved that you got outside to see real tent camping. Over only two days, you saw armadillos, deer just steps away (a 10 day old baby!), saved a hummingbird caught in a stream, just missed stepping on a Texas Indigo Snake (not poisonous, but still scary!), went deep into a cave braving thousands of daddy longlegs spiders, and swam for hours in the naturally fed Spicewood Springs there. Thanks for hanging in there, and for riding around on your bike to warn our tenting neighbors to keep your alcohol under covers from the rangers.

Way to go, Junior Ranger (2019, Hill Country State Natural Area).

And, a video you made on the way home…


Catching Up With Your Art

I’m a bit sad that in this blog we haven’t done a great job of tracking your increasingly prolific collection of artwork and writing. Here’s a collection of stuff we particularly loved from the last six months or so, some as recent as last week.

I Read It With A Friend

Making good progress on the reading, with some summer tutoring help from Mrs. Gonzales.

More Kids Camp, Weeks 2 and 3

You are BUSY this summer. Here’s some snags we caught of you and your gang of explorers on the #10 bus. Camp Mabry, South Congress, the Blanton Museum, the Museum of Collectibles and even a couple movies at the Alamo Drafthouse were on the agenda.

You also are now such an intrepid traveler that you insisted that WE take the bus with you this past weekend to visit the Texas Memorial Museum at UT with Gigi. Who knew there was such a cool paleontology museum right on campus? YOU DID, and we went to see it with you guiding us.

ATX Kids Club Summer Camp

We’re thrilled with our/your pick for your first five weeks of summer, the ATX Kids’ Club. Every morning you and your green-shirted buddies get on city buses and head out somewhere in the city for adventures. In only two weeks you’ve seen the Zilker Botanical Garden, the UT Turtle Pond, the Austin Library, the UT Engineering Department, the Thinkery, a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, the Texas School for the Blind, a Nature walk, some Austin police officers… whew… More to come but man, you’re BUSY this summer.


Mom’s Day Out