Surprise, You Made Up This Song!

Okay, maybe not a surprise after you listen to a few of the lyrics. Fair warning: this goes on for four and a half minutes. And you had already been at it for about two minutes before we started filming. It’s like Freebird, without the guitar solos.

Dancing On Your Own… With Hazel

The irony of the lyrics vs. the placement of Hazel was kinda perfect.

The Bertram Flyer

In our never-ending quest to fill the final few days of summer vacation (it was a heavy lift, particularly for mom), we set out for a Saturday excursion on the Austin Steam Train. Starting in Cedar Park, we trained 44 miles to the old depot in Bertram, Texas. Then… we turned around. It wasn’t the most thrilling train ride, but it was quirky fun. Each car was from a different era, and all the staff train geek volunteers. Maybe if it were two hours vs. the four it took (with some unexpected delays).

FUN FACT: we learned what different train whistle combinations mean. HEEEEEEEREEEE COMMMMEEEES THE TRAAAAAAAAAAIN.

Touchdown, First Grade

Your first summer of Lee had its highs (Colorado!) and lows (the ill-fated Zach Theatre Performance Camp), but it wound up right back where it started: back at Lee Elementary for first grade. Welcome to Mrs. Thomas’ class, first grader.



Boston Visit With Cousins (Aug. 2019)

Cousin Hiyato’s annual visit to Boston from Japan meant a quick weekend jaunt up to see him, the cousins, Nancy and Dick, and a lot of fun around Wayland.

Artwork From Smudge Studios

One of your weeks at summer camps was at the fabulous local Smudge Studios. You’ve worked with them before; after school programs at Lee have included workshops with Smudge. But this was a full week at THEIR place. You made all this stuff!

Follow The Leader

Side note: you don’t have a black eye or anything. You just painted your face at Creative Action summer camp.