Liam & Jenny Visit

Man, do you love you some Liam. Jenny made her first visit to Texas and we showed them around the city, went out to the Wimberly Blue Hole, and you had a great time with your cousin. They left you with a reminder of where you came from: a cool puzzle of NYC, which you promptly completed in two minutes flat (you wanted us to time you).



Often you’re fond of making “cupcakes,” not from any recipe, but just putting together random collections of stuff you find in the cupboards. This is all well and good until someone (dad, often) has to try them. Consistency is often more like soup than cake, and taste? Well…


Roller Skating, After A Fashion

Another day, another birthday party. This time with wheels.


Rock Climbing Namaste


Sadie’s Party

Brilliance by Sadie’s mom: a party at Quack’s with WINE for the parents and cupcakes and balloons for the kids. Score one for Sadie.

Chess Against Yourself

Saw you doing this one day.


Girl Scouts, Day One

The Girl Scouts have changed a bunch since when your parents were kids. Today you went to your first troop meeting at a Lego Store where we (somewhat) learned about “engineering,” by putting together little Lego cars to see how their construction influenced their performance. More to come, but a nice start, Girl Scout.

Sabine Sleepover

Boy, we sure hope you two never tire of each other.

Three Wishes

Media Star

A little happy accident here: your last week of summer you WERE scheduled to attend an acting class at Zach Scott Theatre. After pitching a fit and refusing to go, thankfully our great buddies at Green Sprout Preschool let you come back and help out for a week. During that time, East Side Magazine came by to do a feature on Liz Gelinas. So, you wound up appearing IN the feature, alongside Liz and your buddy Cora.