Player Piano

Pre-Halloween 2019

In the days before ACTUAL Halloween, you got dressed up and went to the Central Library (actually in a new Frozen costume) to celebrate Austin’s sister cities around the world, and then stayed local at the annual Hyde Park Halloween Parade; a bit of a test drive for your 2019 Batgirl costume.

First Grade Progress

Your writing is getting better and you’re having a blast with math. Compare here the work from a month ago (the story about Sabine) with the pages about apples from this past week. You’re making great progress and we’re proud how focused you are during class, something Mrs. Thomas said she really appreciates about you.

Lee Open House

This week we went to open house at school, where you showed us around your classroom and how your days work. We also had a very positive parent/teacher conference with your teacher Mrs. Thomas, who told us you’re doing great (especially at math!) and she’s very happy with your progress. Nice job, kid!

Nevada (Oct. 2019)

You and mom took a long weekend out to visit your Great Aunts and Gigi outside Las Vegas. From Kiss mini golf (!) to guitar singalongs to exploring the desert, it was a great girls’ weekend for everyone.

Messages For Drew

You passed along several messages for our colleague Erik’s daughter Drew, as she was getting ready to welcome a baby sister.