Ski Santa Fe!

It’s been years since you had seen snow; the only amount you remotely remembered was from a visit to Santa Fe a few years ago. We made up for that on this remarkable day where you learned to SKI during a veritable dumping of the stuff all day long at Ski Santa Fe. A nice little mountain to learn on, you did pretty well for a kid from Texas. And your parents did pretty decent, too… each of us about 10 years since our last trip up and down a snowhill.

Christmas 2019

We said farewell to the elf Tabitha again, as she sledded off back north. Santa left quite a mess behind inside and out, and did quite a number on the backyard. You didn’t seem to mind much. Next up: Santa Fe for a couple weeks.

37th Street Christmas

One of Austin’s oddest traditions is a short block at 37th and Guadalupe that has turned itself into a weird little slice of the holidays every year. Houses along the block put together unusually Austin-esque light and holiday displays. Some are sweet. Others are just confusing. And in between, it’s simply a lot of fun to explore. This year included a small shrine to one of Austin’s departed heroes, Daniel Johnston (artist, musician, muralist).

Celebrations! At Lee

Last year, you missed the annual holiday Celebrations presentation at Lee (Disney!), honoring a few different holiday traditions. But this year, you were all in, singing the songs for weeks in advance, then doing a great job the night of. “Round and round we go, we hold each others’ hands and lead ourselves in a circle. The time has come. The dance goes on…” is the roundabout song we now hear in our sleep.






Long Island Visit (12/2019)

Welcome To New York

We aren’t entirely sure where/how you’re learning these moves, but you’ve got the fever AND the cure, kid.

Lee Campout 2019

Last December’s camp out in Lee’s field was marred a bit by an overnight wind and rainstorm. Thankfully, this year we had great weather all night, a story from the chicken coop by Principal Hewlett and tons of fun with your buddies Emily and Sabine.

Home Alone Again

This was the first year you really GOT Home Alone. Last year it was kind of confusing and boring for you. We lucked out that the Paramount included it this year in their holiday film series, so we saw it huge in the theatre. Extra points to them for the fake snow machine out front.



Leaf Peeper