Easter egging

Cheers to Nana for suggesting using a whisk to dip the eggs.

The 2017 Shipe Egg Roll

You had blast on the bouncy house, grabbing eggs, and getting your face painted.

Bouncing At Zia’s Party

You and Myles bouncing at Zia’s birthday party. This was the second time in one day you were at your gymnastics joint, Callahan’s.

More pics from Green Sprout

More pics from Green Sprouts, from your teacher Ms. Liz Gelinas Instagram feed. 

A collection of pics from your teacher’s (Ms. Liz Gelinas) Instagram feed, from your class at Green Sprouts. 

Gravity worked well at Walter’s party. 

Some others found in the files from our Costa Rica trip. You made good swimming friends with Kinley (age 2) while you were there. 

Another edition of “Lake Selects,” pics you took on the plane to Costa Rica.