Thanksgiving Parade in Austin

Thanksgiving in Richardson (2019)

Lee Fun Run (2019)

Your second Lee Fun Run was much anticipated; in training runs you were outrunning most everyone, including the first grade boys. The day started great, but sadly you got tripped up at the very start and fell in the crowd. Mom and John Hewlett ran along with you all the way to the finish in tears. Our heart broke for you; you were so looking forward to doing great. Next year, you OWN second grade.




You Two And Frozen Two

Mom get’s MVP (Most Valuable Parent) for taking you and Sabine and your friend Logan to see Frozen 2 on opening night at the Alamo/Mueller. You and Sabine got dressed up as Elsa and Anna (we were pleased you chose right). Some things never change…

Dough For Dogs

You became a minor Instagram celebrity (here and here), encouraging folks to donate to programs that help animals across Texas and even the country. Your posts encouraged people to donate to ASPCA, Austin Pets Alive!, Richardson (TX) Humane Society, Dripping Springs (TX) Humane Society, Lucas (TX) Humane Society, and the San Rafael (TX) Humane Society. Nice work, kid.

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The Difference Between C and S



Fossil Ridge Event @ Marble Falls

You headed out to the Fossil Ridge Creative Center, the Gaddis’ new arts and event complex at their ranch in Marble Falls. Gay gave a talk about her artwork (“Violet Crown”) with Texas Monthly and Texas Arts Council representatives, and you reported on it for a class project. That’s you taking Polaroids all over the event, charming everyone, including your good buddy Ruth.






McKinney Falls Sunday (with Sabine)

Sabine stayed over and we headed back to McKinney Falls. All went well, until it didn’t and both of you slipped into the drink.


McKinney Falls Saturday

Fall finally got to Texas, making for a beautiful Saturday revisiting nearby McKinney Falls. You loved it so much we came back the next day with Sabine (stay tuned).